What am I up to? >u<


First off, I'd like to tell you that I'm a peaceful fan of Super Junior. My name's Ruth, nice to meet you. (: I'm from America and sadly, none of my friends are big fans of SuJu so i'm hoping to find some here. :D As i said before, I'm a peaceful fan so no fighting, no Antis, no threats, etc. You get the point. Please and thank you. :3


Why do I like Super Junior? It's not just their super good looks (though I do appreciate it) but it's also their actual talent and personality. Most of all their personality. (: These guys here are amazing people that have wonderful personalities and they're all very caring.


When I see those Anti blogs and read the articles, I get in a state of shock and I don't know what to do but then I see the comments. Those comments are BEAUTIFUL. You guys defend Super Junior with a passionate heart. Those are what gives me strength to defend them also. Though I do not understand why people are filled with so much hate, you guys give me hope. All of you are my motivation. Thank you so much for loving Super Junior and everything else! (: I appreciate you fellow fans a lot.


They're still human, remember that. Consider their feelings. They need love too. How would you like it if someone started ranting all their hate about you? Would you really like that? I don't think so. And hating them makes you sink really low. The difference between Antis and Super Junior? Super Junior doesn't throw insults at your face and they have a kind heart. You should be ashamed, these boys work hard. Let's see you try it and take all the insults. Try putting yourself in their shoes. Being a hater, let's just say it makes your heart real ugly. It's fine if you don't like them but these Anti sites? It's really just too much. Think it over and change your mind.


My main languages are English and (Traditional) Chinese. I am okayish at reading Chinese. I can understand Japanese okay, can speak it brokenly, but I am unable to read or write it. Korean on the other hand, I just started learning but I can read and write it a bit, I can't really speak it yet but I can understand it a bit. There's always GOOGLE TRANSLATOR so speak in whatever language you prefer!


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