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Messages from SJ members to fans in the 6th album!

June 30, 2012

credit: @101holic_ & @heequeenTing

Leeteuk: You, who give sincere love to our music!! Limitless thanks once again! Please create valuable memories after listening to Super Junior’s 6th album!! Thanks everyone for giving us the strong energy to run better by giving us your valuable clicks! I love you!!

Yesung: Oh~!! Every~one ^^ Cuties~ Thank you~ Be happy always!! 

Shindong: Hello~~~ I’m ShinDong!!! Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to see U. Please visit to Korea!!!! Shall I be there? Oh, I’m hungry…. OMG! 

Kangin: I waited as much as the fans. Thanks for waiting and giving love to our album. We will return everyone’s love with better music in the future!! Be healthy always! 

Sungmin: I am Super Junior’s Sungmin. Firstly, thank you for showing love for our album! We will also present to you better music in the future. We will be able to do it more handsomely and happily if you can be with us when we perform on stage! Please also give more love to Super Junior’s activities in the future~!

Eunhyuk: Thank you! I’m Eunhyuk~ Thank you for buying all the songs!! Please listen to it well ^^ 
Siwon: I hope that our music can become good memories for everyone. Remember this moment now. 

Donghae: Hello~ I’m Super Junior’s Donghae! Please give many love to our 6th album Sexy free & single~! You’ll definitely not regret buying all the songs. Please listen to it a lot because it is filled with many good songs~! 

Ryeowook: Hello! I am Super Junior’s Ryeowook. Thank you for giving so much love to Super Junior’s 6th album, Sexy Free & Single. Please be filled with only good things~ I will be pray to be Ryeowook who is only filled with happy things. Please give us support because we’ll continue to be Super Junior. I love you. 

Kyuhyun: Thank you to everyone whom I’ve received a lot from and I will show you a better look~ Be together!

Source: y3sung

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Super Junior's Kangin is discharged from the Army!

April 16, 2012
Super Junior's Kang In Discharged from the Military!

Kang In was discharged from his military service today on April 16. The big question is whether he will return to Super Junior. SM Entertainment representatives stated, “The Super Junior members have become closer than ever. Whenever Kang In came out for vacation, he met with the members at their dorm and spent time together to straighten out any misunderstandings.”

However, another representative also stated, “There are no specific plans regarding Kang In. Currently Super Jun...

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Super Junior's Leeteuk tweets, "I Love You Guys!"

January 4, 2012
Super Junior's Leeteuk, "I Love You Guys!"

Super Junior’s beloved leader, Leeteuk, showed his special love and appreciation for his fellow members. Early this morning, Leeteuk tweeted, “I love you guys. I just love you. My dongsaengs! I’ll always look out for you guys!” He also attached a photo of himself with eight other members of his group.

In the photo, the guys posed for the camera with their trademark “We are Super Junior” hand gesture and looked dashing in black suits.

Netizens who have seen the post commented, “The...

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Super Junior's special New Year messages for 2012!

January 3, 2012

It seems that SMTOWN is keeping up with its tradition of having its artists leave special messages for the New Year on their official (and respective websites) and now you can take a look at what Super Junior wrote to wish their fans a happy new year. 

Leeteuk: May this 2012 be a delightful year!! Coming back after 60 years, the year of the dragon! Wish this year will be a vibrant and colorful year just like a dragon for you. I keep growing oldㅠㅠ

Yesung: E.L.F! Have a happy new year.


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Heechul visits SBS to watch Super Junior's Live A-Cha Performance

October 16, 2011
=From October 10th, 2011=

Super Junior’s Heechul had finished his training in the army just recently, and is currently serving his duty as a public service personnel. However, it seems like he was able to make time for a visit of his members on Inkigayo!

Super Junior is currently promoting their comeback “A-Cha”, and member Heechul had appeared outside of SBS’s building in order to watch his members live performance. The photo above surfaced on the internet, warmi...

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Sungmin voices his opinions about Leeteuk being on We Got Married

October 10, 2011

Recently, Sungmin showed his opinions about Leeteuk being on We Got Married with Kang Sora. On his Naver blog Sungmin wrote, "kekekeke I oppose the marriage!! Really jealous!!!!" along with the cute picture above.

This is really cute and funny. What are your opinions on Leeteuk and Kang Sora?

Source: Sungmin’s Blog

Translation By: TaiwanLuvSJ


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[SPOILER] We Got Married-Leeteuk and Kang Sora are already...?

October 9, 2011
[SPOILER] Lee Teuk and Kang So Ra Are Already...?

The filming scenes of Lee Teuk and Kang So Ra, We Got Married’s new and third couple, were unveiled.

On October 6, at Busan Gimhae Airport We Got Married’s new couple, Lee Teuk and Kang So Ra had their first couple of filming and scenes of their marriage life attracted the attention of many netizens.     

On this day, a photo was uploaded with the title, “Lee Teuk and Kang So Ra filming for We Got Married and they are holding hands already!” which shows that they have officiall...

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Super Junior's Ryeowook acts like Eunhyuk

October 7, 2011

Super Junior’s Ryeowook recently shared a photo that revealed his dorky personality. On October 6th, he tweeted, “Good Night blonde Ryeowook, This is a photo of me acting like Eunhyuk for few seconds… when Hyukgu saw this he said ‘Ryeowook-ah this is a perfect face looks good in every sense’ there are two ways to see it….”

In the photo, Ryeowook is wearing a blonde wig that is very similar to Eunhyuk’s current hairstyle. Making a cute pose, Ryeowook proves he can rock the blond...

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Super Junior's Shindong to collaborate with DJ Masa

October 7, 2011

DJ Masa has gotten much love for his creative and refreshing masamixes, so much that KPOP fans anxiously await every year for his yearly mixes to come out. And now, it seems that he’s in for much bigger things as Super Junior’sShindong will collaborating with DJ Masa!

It’s quite an honor for him because Shindong found the guy and loved his creations. He first tweeted at the end of the September, “How can I contact this person, MASAMIXES?? I heard he is from Brazil…Ah, it’s so daeba...

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Mick Jagger shows his interest for Super Junior

October 6, 2011
Mick Jagger talked about Super Junior and how he found out about the band.

According to him, he was listening to random tracks online when he found a song he could not understand but felt pretty good. He mentioned that the song made him feel like he was having a holiday in Ireland. 

He later searched information about the song and was impressed by the Asian singers. He asked them to keep like that and revealed that the track was "Walkin`" from Super Junior's 5jib.

Super Junior's popularity is sp...

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